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Hello friends Welcome to Dhanwantari healing Ayurveda Centre. As you know Ayurveda is science of life starting from birth up to end of life. It treats all type of diseases & not only that it gives you solution to remain healthy throughout your life by making small changes in your life style. ‘Swasthavrutta’ means how to remain diseases free in your life is very important in these days. Everybody is very curious about his healthiness in life. So to fulfill this requirement we have motto. Means those who are fit we protect their health & those who are unfit we make them disease free by treating them. For that we offer you variety of Ayurveda treatments as per your illness. Also we offer solution for how to remain fit in life. According to your “Prakrati” how you should behave what you should eat in your day to day life is key solution for it.

In healing there are two parts:

1. Bodily healing by giving herbal prepration.

2. Healing of soul by doing kundalini meditation because our soul (Atma) controls body & mind.

So let us adopt the technique of healing our body & mind by Ayurveda treatments & kundalini meditation.

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Panchakarma Treatment

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Panchkarma for remaining healthy

Ayurveda believes in “3 doshas“ & 7”Dhatu” in body. When the doshas gets disturbed in the body you get disease.

Removing the “dosha”

by removing Kafa dosha Vasant rutu, Pitta dosha Sharad rutu and Vat dosha varsha rutu, you remain fit the whole year

Culprit “dosha”

In diseased condition whatever may be the disease, you have to find culprit “dosha” behind it & do the panchakarma accordingly for example: Kafa dosha – Vaman karma Pitta dosha – Virchan karma Vat dosha- Basti karma

Body Purification

Panchakarma means 5 types of body purification in process: Vaman karma, Virechan karma, Basti karma , Nasya , Raktamokshan

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Ayurveda consultation

Ayurlearn – Dhanvantari Clinic & healing center is dedicated to learning about health.

Our Specialties

Ayurlearn – Dhanvantari Clinic & healing center is dedicated to learning about health. We ourselves are only responsible for our good or bad health. If we are sick we have to introspect within ourself and ask which type of lifestyle of mine is responsible for my sickness & then you have to modify it accordingly.

We are ranning this basic course since last 30 years in our Clinic.

Duration it is a 15 days course containing theory & practicals.

Who can do this course?

Employees working in massage centres.


Nurses / Ward boys,

Working in Spa,

Ayurveda Doctors (Any Doctors)

Those who are running panchkarma centre, Defence people.

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We offer ayurveda treatments for various diseases. But our special interest in treatment is as follows:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • treatment
  • Piles / treatment
  • Kidney and Bile stone
  • treatment
  • Skin diseases
  • All beauty treatment
  • Allergy treatment
  • Female problem
  • treatment P.C.O.D and 
  • etc.

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Now a days panchakarma is the key word in Ayurveda as for as treatments are concerned ‘Panchakarma” treatments are given in 2 conditions.

  1. For remaining fit & healthy
  2. In diseased condition

Panchkarma for remaining healthy:

Ayurveda believes in “3 doshas“ & 7”Dhatu” in body. When the doshas gets disturbed in the body you get disease.

It is also related with nature “Rutu” outside. In certain “Rutu” certain doshas increases & give trouble. So you have to remove that particular dosha in that “Rutu” …

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Cerebral palsy treatment in Ayurveda a ray of hope whenever a child takes birth the parents are always having anxiety & curiosity that whether the child is normal or abnormal. After examination if they find that child is abnormal then the parents become panic & start every possible treatment for him to improve the condition. Ayurveda is always having ray of hope for such children to improve their condition. Whatever improvement the child shows it is gaining to the parents. We do not claim that they are completely cured but suppose a child is having fine motor movement problem like buttoning of shirt & if he improves by Ayurveda treatment, it is gaining for the child & parents so we always advice the parent to start early Ayurveda treatment to get better results up till we have treated more than 700 cases & in every case there is improvement from previous condition.

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From our ancient “Vedas” we know about the “kundalini shakti”. But no body proved it as a blessing to human being by the almighty God. Her holiness smt. Mata Nirmaladevi in 1970 opened the “sahastrara” of the world as a blessing to human being & from that day a person who takes realization in sahaj yoga. Starts feeling “divine cool breeze” on his hands & head due to “Kundalini Jagruti” not only that, his 3 nadies, chakras (plexuses) start working actively. It is an amazing power that develops within you which is always situated within yourself in “trikasthi” (sacral bone). By doing “Sahaj yoga meditation” you can uplift your physical  mental & spiritual condition & remain healthy throughout your life. As a doctor I have lot of experiences of a patients healed by vibration of sahajyoga meditation. When I was new in ‘ Sahajyoga’ I was not aware of this healing power within me.

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