Authentic Ayurvedic massage course (Basic )

We are ranning this basic course since last 30 years in our Clinic.

Duration it is a 15 days course containing theory & practicals.

Who can do this course?

Employees working in massage centres.


Nurses / Ward boys,

Working in Spa,

Ayurveda Doctors (Any Doctors)

Those who are running panchkarma centre, Defence people.


Theory 3 days and practical 12 days.


  1. What is ayurveda,
  2. What is massage
  3. Benefit of Ayurvedic massage
  4. How to recognize “Prakruti” (Constitution)
  5. Pre massage work
  6. Differents types of oil to be used in massage
  7. Main massage work
  8. Step by step organize massage
  9. Post massage work