Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy treatment in Ayurveda a ray of hope whenever a child takes birth the parents are always having anxiety & curiosity that whether the child is normal or abnormal. After examination if they find that child is abnormal then the parents become panic & start every possible treatment for him to improve the condition. Ayurveda is always having ray of hope for such children to improve their condition. Whatever improvement the child shows it is gaining to the parents. We do not claim that they are completely cured but suppose a child is having fine motor movement problem like buttoning of shirt & if he improves by Ayurveda treatment, it is gaining for the child & parents so we always advice the parent to start early Ayurveda treatment to get better results up till we have treated more than 700 cases & in every case there is improvement from previous condition.

Here are some case study reports of children.