Kundalini Meditation

From our ancient “Vedas” we know about the “kundalini shakti”. But no body proved it as a blessing to human being by the almighty God. Her holiness smt. Mata Nirmaladevi in 1970 opened the “sahastrara” of the world as a blessing to human being & from that day a person who takes realization in sahaj yoga. Starts feeling “divine cool breeze” on his hands & head due to “Kundalini Jagruti” not only that, his 3 nadies, chakras (plexuses) start working actively. It is an amazing power that develops within you which is always situated within yourself in “trikasthi” (sacral bone). By doing “Sahaj yoga meditation” you can uplift your physical  mental & spiritual condition & remain healthy throughout your life. As a doctor I have lot of experiences of a patients healed by vibration of sahajyoga meditation. When I was new in ‘ Sahajyoga’ I was not aware of this healing power within me.

  • One early morning my neighbors wife came to me for severe pain in abdomen & was literally shouting in agony. As a doctor I wrote the priscription & sent her husband to bring it. But due to her agonizing pain she told me to do something immediately but I was helpless till the medicine comes. Suddenly I got vibration in my hands & found her “mooladhar chakra” pinching, I immediately cleared it & she told me “you go on doing that I am feeling better “ within 2 minuts her pain vanished completely & she started loughting I was surprised to know that with “Kundalini Vibration” you can heal a patient.
  • Another case was very interesting. One of my friend’s relative was admitted in ‘Jahangir Hospital’ in ICU & was on ‘Ventilator’ . He was having swine flue, pneumonia and also dengue fever and was critical. When I was called to treat him I found that his ‘Anohat Chakra’ was pinching & was not responding to ventilator. I started clearing his ‘Anahata’ in morning & he started responding to ventilator from evening, Second day his body condition went better & third day he totally came out of his critical condition & the beauty behind it was he told me that whatever vibration you were giving me I was feeling it in my heart ‘anahat chakra’.
  •  One new born child was crying after 10 days of his birth & was not stopping. Pediatricion gave him sleeping dose but in spite of that he was crying in the night keeping all relatives awake the whole night. When I checked his vibration his ‘nabhi chakra’ was pinching. After clearing of his chakra he stopped crying & slept well.
  • One patient in Inamdar hospital was unconscious for 21 days due to accidental head injury. As had fallen down from a vehicle & got injured badly to ‘mooladhar chakra’. After its clearance he became conscious within a week.
  • One of my patients brother got heart attack in Belgam she told me to give vibration. It is  ‘Left Anahat’ was badly caught. But after giving vibration his pain vanished & then with further angioplasty he was alright. But emergency we could avoid.

There are several examples by which we can treat People by giving kundalini vibration for that you have to take realization in any sahajyoga center  around you & start doing daily meditation. First you get your chakras & Nadi clean then you can use it for other too . To remain healthy the whole life you have to do simple kundalini meditation which is totally free of charge related web site www.sahajyoga.org