Panchakarma Treatment

Now a days panchakarma is the key word in Ayurveda as for as treatments are concerned ‘Panchakarma” treatments are given in 2 conditions.

  1. For remaining fit & healthy
  2. In diseased condition

Panchkarma for remaining healthy:

Ayurveda believes in “3 doshas“ & 7”Dhatu” in body. When the doshas gets disturbed in the body you get disease.

It is also related with nature “Rutu” outside. In certain “Rutu” certain doshas increases & give trouble. So you have to remove that particular dosha in that “Rutu” for example:

Kafa dosha Vasant rutu

Pitta dosha Sharad rutu

Vat dosha varsha rutu

So by removing the “dosha” in that specific rutu, you remain fit the whole year.

In diseased condition:

In diseased condition whatever may be the disease, you have to find culprit “dosha” behind it & do the panchakarma accordingly for example:

Kafa dosha – Vaman karma

Pitta dosha – Virchan karma

Vat dosha- Basti karma

Panchakarma means 5 types of body purification in process:

  1. Vaman karma – to give emetics and make patient vomit
  2. Virechan karma – to give purgative to have loos motions
  3. Basti karma – to remove “doshas” of vat origin by introducing “kadha” or oil through anal canal
  4. Nasya – administer medicine through nasal rout especially cerebral palsy, insomnia patient.
  5. Raktamokshan – to remove impure blood from body. In it there are 2 methods.
  1. Taking blood out from vein, example acne, headache
  2. Applying leeches in affected area for example tumour, abscess & piles

So these all ‘karma’s are conducted in our Dhanwantari Clinic‘ for all purpose’s in fitness as well as diseased condition.